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Behavior Policy

Corvallis Little League Behavior Policy (v. 1.0) 

Corvallis Little League (CLL) is a volunteer organization chartered to provide a positive, enjoyable and developmental environment for our players, families, spectators, coaches, umpires and other volunteers (hereafter collectively referred to as "participants".) The CLL Board of Directors reserves the right to suspend or ban any participant for actions the board considers detrimental to our charter, to other participants or to the league. 


All participants are expected to display good sportsmanship at all times. 

  1. Participants involved in CLL events are expected to act in a constructive, positive manner that serves as a role model for other participants. 
  2. Participants must at all times show respect for their competitors, umpires, coaches, CLL officials, volunteers, teammates and other participants. 
  3. Participants must refrain from crude, vulgar or abusive language. 
  4. Only coaches and CLL officials may ask umpires for clarification of rulings. No participant may verbally abuse or harass umpires at any time. 
  5. No participant may deliberately act in a manner that endangers the safety of others. 
  6. Participants cannot, under any circumstance, physically harm or threaten the well being of others. 

The CLL board reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of other behavior not explicitly mentioned in this General Policy. 


In the event that a participant's behavior is in conflict with this general policy, a board member or umpire may find it necessary to: 

  1. Warn the offender to refrain from such behavior. 
  2. Enforce a temporary stoppage of play. 
  3. Impose a forfeiture of game. 
  4. Eject the offender from the game. 
  5. Escort the offender from the premises. 
  6. Seek law enforcement intervention. 
  7. Take other actions as deemed appropriate and/or necessary.

Following the incident, the board may decide to: 

  1. Issue verbal and/or written warnings.
  2. Request a hearing with involved parties. 
  3. Suspend offenders from CLL activities for a determinate period. 
  4. Ban offenders from all future CLL activities. 
  5. Seek the advice of legal counsel. 
  6. Obtain information from law enforcement as permissible by law. 
  7. Take other actions as deemed appropriate and/or necessary. 

Corvallis Little League has adopted this behavior policy to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for all our participants. We appreciate your support.

Download the Corvallis Little League Code of Conduct

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